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Create a ZODI Chart

David Bowie’s Natal Chart

David Bowie’s Natal Chart


In the above photo, we have used David Bowie’s natal chart as an example.

To create your own chart, start by assigning the 12 zodiac signs to the houses on the ZODI Map. Begin with the sign of the Ascendant (or Rising sign) as the sign of the First House. Place the card for its sign outside the zodiac chart circle next to the First House segment on the circle. Once the sign of the First House is set, place the other 11 signs’ key word cards in the same way, according to zodiacal order, counterclockwise until each house is assigned a sign. Once you have the house sign designations set, place the planets, points, and lunar nodes in their respective houses, based on their signs. You now have a ZODI natal chart.

What do you notice about the pattern of the cards on the map? Do any houses contain more than two planets or points? A group of three or more planets or points in the same sign or house is called a stellium. These planets and this sign have an amplified affect in your life. For example, if your Sun is in Pisces, but you have a stellium in Aries, especially if it contains personal planets like the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or your Ascendant; you might feel, relate, act and be perceived more as an Aries than a Pisces.

With a ZODI natal chart, you can begin to explore the aspects between your planets. What do you see? Draw the key word cards for the aspects you see in your chart. How have you experienced the effects of these in your life thus far? What strengths or challenges do you attribute to these relationships?