ZODISCOPE - Full Moon in Pisces

ZODISCOPE - Weekly Edition

Hi friends,
Are you feeling the ebb and flow of transition?
Hearing the winds insightful secrets as she grazes across our skin?
The subtle energies are definitely working behind the scenes giving many of us a feeling that something in our lives is starting to shift. It's an interesting sensation because on the surface the energy seems quite stable due to so many planets sojourning through Virgo yet the interesting thing about that sign is its Mutable modality. Which means even though Virgo is a pragmatic earth sign they can easily shift into a new dynamic if it's required given the goal or situation. Plus, Mutable signs are connected with liminal space between seasons so regardless of where you are living we are all in the flux zone. This week we have some interesting highlights happening in the heavens so let's get to it!

Mercury, our cosmic communicator moves from discerning Virgo into balancing Libra on Saturday, the 14th where it will reside until October 3rd. Mercury in Libra will shift our minds to a more mental/intellectual place after being so focused on tasks and to-do lists. We now get to zero in on what that actually looks like objectively. How do we truly envision these goals/dreams/desires? How does that impact those around us especially our more intimate partnerships? Relating to other people from platonic/business interactions to romantic situations will take up more space in our thoughts for the rest of this month. This is a good time to spend some mental energy really honing in on how you show up for the people in your life who mean the most to you! How do you also show up for yourself? Reflecting on how kind you are to yourself within your own mind can reveal so much about how you allow other people to treat you as well as the types of situations/interactions you draw towards you. How can you bring more grace, beauty, and balance back into the picture all starting with your inner dialogue? Think on it and see what deep work you might need to do within your own psyche when we dive into Scorpio next month!

Venus, the love and values planet also shifts from Virgo to Libra on the 14th where she will reside until October 8th. This shift will thread in beautifully with the focal points I just spoke to regarding Mercury being in Libra. Venus represents our values, what we are attracted to, and how we attract others to us. Venus governs over the zodiac sign of Libra (as well as Taurus) so she is at her peak here. She can fully express herself during this journey so it's a wonderful time to really soak up this potent energy. We can utilize this phase to really amp up our self-care/love therefore have more energy to pour into our other relationships. Now self-care/love gets talked about ALL of the time and it doesn't mean it's an excuse to go on indulgent benders. Going into debt (treat yourself!) and eating crap food on the regular isn't cute and it can be done under the guise of "self-care." This is Libra we are talking about so it's all about finding balance and harmony. Apply those principles to self-care/love and we actually get choices that look like going to bed early, saying no to a potential love interest because deep down you know they are not good for you and you only want to say yes because you are lonely, or getting up 15 minutes early to do a yoga or meditation routine. I know, not as fun as the shoes you can't actually afford or day 7 of your favorite french pastry but these harder choices actually create really amazing results that teach you and others that you are totally worthy of being healthy and happy. You deserve to treat yourself but also make sure that you are actually benefitting from those decisions. Moderation is the name of the Libra game!

Lastly, the pinnacle of the week is our dreamy Full Moon in Pisces blooming before us late in the evening on Friday the 13th. Whether you are superstitious or not I find that combo deliciously intriguing. As we get closer to October those of us that are energetically aware/sensitive will begin to really notice the veil thinning between the earth and spirit realms. This is always an auspicious time of year that offers us many opportunities to release old ideas/triggers/traumas/attitudes/habits that no longer serve us in a positive way. This shedding process is all part of our evolution towards becoming our most embodied selves. That whole, autonomous person that knows they are loved and complete exactly as they are.

Now, onto the lunation...
Looking at the Full Moon chart I immediately felt a sense of confusion. Not because I don't know what to make of what the planets are saying but rather a feeling of fog for all of us. Full Moons are always a stare down between the Sun and the Moon because they are in opposition to one another. Oppositions require us to see both sides of a story and find a balance or compromise between the two, otherwise we go to extremes. Extremes ultimately lead us to burnout/depletion/unease. This particular opposition is asking us about service. Service to others as well as ourselves. Back to the self-care topic which is a crucial subject when it comes to how we can actually show up for our families, our communities, and this gorgeous world we all inhabit. So I have a few Full Moon meditation questions for you to ponder....

Where you do you take on too much responsibility to the point of frustration?
Do you let it build up until you are ready to burst from resentment?
What would happen if you actually allowed yourself to be vulnerable enough to ask others for help?
Where are you not showing up for yourself and others? Aka, where are you dropping the ball and expecting other people to do it for you?
Where do you feel most disillusioned about life and how can you find some grounding to aid in those feelings?
Where can you let go and let the universe work its magic?

This Full Moon will highlight the hazy areas of our lives as well as the rigid edges. A strange mix indeed but then again being a spirit having human experiences can be quite odd feeling at times. Lean into those you trust most and if you can't offer someone actual help just be kind. Wishing you healing and wisdom found on the lunar ride this week!

Love always,

*Photography by Kazuma Takigawa

Ashley Bonelli