ZODISCHOOL - the Seventh House

Astro class is in session!
I'm mixing it up this week by taking us to school instead of focusing on the weekly transits. All you need to know this week is that most of the sky is still in Virgo so be of service when/where you can, detox/organize your life (lists are sexy!) and don't be TOO critical of yourself and others. Mid-month we will see a big shift into forward moving Cardinal Libra energy but I will talk more on that when we get closer to the actual dates of transition.

SO. The 7th house in the chart. It's in direct opposition to the 1st house of self so you guessed it, it's all about your relationship to other people. How you show up in intimate connections and how you project all of you unresolved shadows onto your partners which is really just a mirror for your own healing. We meet some of the most ripe and potent teachers of our lives via this house. It's a very important section of our cosmic map! Traditionally considered the house of love, marriage, business partnerships, and the enemies you are aware of. I find it intriguing that our lovers and our enemies live in the same house. Love & hate really do reside on the same coin. It's all about how you react vs. respond as well as perceive and process the people closest to you even when things get really difficult. The 7th house can reveal the style of relationships we are drawn to or naturally find ourselves in. If you have any planets in this house then that adds another layer of depth to your relating vibe.

I have Aries in my 7th house along with Venus & Mars so my relationships are intense, passionate, and require a high degree of independence! What sign is in your 7th house and what repetitive themes come up for you in your relationships? Tell me about how you LOVE.....Share below as we can all learn from each others experiences!

Have a great week and enjoy the productive Virgo energy!
Love always,

Ashley Bonelli