New Moon in Virgo

ZODISCOPE - Weekly Edition

Hi friends,
Virgo steals the scene this week as we have all of our personal planets lining up in this mutable earth sign! Mercury arrives on Thursday, the 29th and will zip along there until September 14th. Mercury governs the sign of Virgo (as well as Gemini) meaning it can fully express its authentic planetary nature/symbolism with ease. All things under the umbrella of communication can flow more easily and efficiently. This is a nice time to get any writing, teaching, speaking projects out into the world. Virgo energy likes perfection and can be quite critical, so mind your shadowy impulses to judge others or turning that negative voice inward. It's great to be objective but make sure it comes from a constructive place. Otherwise you're doing more harm than healing. Virgo is the sign of service so choose wisely when wielding the power of discernment and critique.

On Friday, the 20th the inky black sky will be amplified by energy when the Sun and Moon make their monthly embrace creating a beautiful New Moon in Virgo. The Sun and Moon will be bookended by Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Each planet will add a flavor to the overall theme of this current lunation. New Moons are a time of peak darkness in the lunar cycle giving us the cue to go within and spend time in contemplation, reflection, and meditation. It's also a time of letting go so we can make space for the things we want or need to come in. If we don't give a voice to the more shadowy corners of ourselves then we can't actually process and heal them. This is a stellar time to do the inner work required for better self-awareness.

With Mars and Venus so closely linked to this New Moon we can focus our attention on our interpersonal relationships. Think about the people and areas of life you value most. Do you feel good (Venus) about those relationships? If not, how can you go about attaining (Mars) happier and healthier versions? Love and intimacy will be under Virgos discerning eye at this time so take space to process your most important interactions and see what shifts you can make over the next couple of weeks as we head towards our next Full Moon.

With Mercury so closely linked as well we may feel a stronger urge to write out our feelings or even talk it out with someone we really trust. This is a fantastic time to work with a psychotherapist or life coach to vocalize some of your inner blocks and hurdles. This Virgo party will be trine (120 degree aspect/relationship) Uranus over in Taurus as well. This easy flowing trine could add surprises to the mix, inspiring experiences, as well as creative breakthroughs to any issues you might be working through at this time. Stay open, present, and aware because you never know when new insights might drop into your life!

Enjoy the current earthy stability of the season and happy inner investigating under this divine New Moon.

Love always,

*Photo by Dario Catellani

Ashley Bonelli