Full Moon in Aquarius

ZODISCOPE - Weekly Edition

Hi friends!
We are back from our ZODI mini tour of Oregon, making stops in Portland + Astoria. It was amazing fun and we met so many lovely people! Thank you again to all of the magical spirits who we got to meet and visit with...xo!

Over the weekend Jupiter stationed direct after being retro since April 10th causing energy to feel a bit off. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a very active and often positive placement allowing us to charge ahead with our big picture goals and dreams. When Jup goes retro though we can feel like we are hanging out in limbo watching life pass us by. As with all retrogrades however it does serve a higher purpose. This gave us a window of time to really reflect on what we want and whether or not the plan of action is a worthy or correct pursuit. We may have needed to re-adjust our big plans so that now that we are about to begin moving full steam ahead we are better prepared! Plans, goals, hopes, and dreams will all start to unfold more quickly over the next few weeks. Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until December 2nd of this year so we still have a few months left to get our arrows aimed and shot at the right targets. Use this jovial energy for maximum benefits and come next year when the goal guru is expanding his presence in the sign of Capricorn you can really get some major work done!

On Tuesday, Venus will plant a big fat kiss upon the Sun's lips when the two make a powerful conjunction (close-up aspect/relationship). This sweet smooch will be in radiant Leo no less allowing us the opportunity to notice our inherent creativity, our inner child, and any romantic yearnings from an elevated perspective. The Sun will shine a light on all things venusian so this will be a nice day to bask in anything you find beautiful. Mercury, our communications manager also moved back into Leo so expressing yourself from a heart-centered space will be much easier. Just be mindful not to get too bossy or selfish though. The shadow side of Leo is doing nice things simply to receive attention. Remember, it's not always about you and if you want to do something kind be sure to check your actual motives. If intentions are pure then shine on with that bright Leo heart. We can never have too much love in this dark world of ours.

Lastly, is the crown jewel of the week is the Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday. Full Moons are times of abundance, completion, and slow release. This Moon in Aquarius will be receiving a penetrating gaze from the Sun in Leo as she does every month. Their stare off always highlights our emotional needs vs the outward expression of our ego/identities. The Aquarius Moon always has to contend with the desire to be part of a group without losing its identity while the Sun in Leo wants to be noticed for its identity within the group. Depending on where the Aquarius/Leo axis falls in your chart by house placement can really give you clues as to where you want to be part of the group and where you are fearful of losing yourself. This tension isn't a bad thing necessarily but it can feel a bit like you are being pulled in two different directions. Recognizing that as humans we are riddled with contradictions and to make peace with that truth we must simply (even though really it's not that simple) start to accept it. Then once we've found acceptance of things we can't change we can start to find ways to compromise these qualities enough to find some relief within our psyches. That release of containment as well as embracing compromise often then gives us a sense of control. Another cosmic point to highlight with this Full Moon is that Venus will be exactly conjoined the Sun, therefore in exact opposition (180 degree aspect/relationship) to the Moon. Venus conjoined the Sun will illuminate what the heart wants and the opposition to the Moon will ask us if that is something we really want or not. You may find yourself presented with a powerful question this week that only time spent alone in contemplation can answer. Does your outer projection match up with the real person inside? Can you really be authentically yourself (Aqua Moon) around the people you call family (chosen or blood/Leo Sun/Venus) ?

Think on it all this week!

So happy to be back in this space writing you all cosmic love letters...

*Photograph by Kristen Wrzesniewski 🖤

Ashley Bonelli