ZODISCHOOL the Sixth House

Hi friends!
Today I want to chat about the 6th house in the horoscopic wheel also known as the birth chart. There are 12 houses, or pie slices, found in the wheel and each one represents different areas of our lives. One thing that we astrologers look for when studying a chart is observing which houses have planets residing in them so we can gain insight into which areas of life dominate for you. Never fear though! Even if you have an empty house you will of course still experience the subjects it represents but it might not be such a major focus in this lifetime. There are many nuanced layers to astrology and it takes time to integrate the narrative of a house into your psyche but with time and patience you will begin to understand your chart more and more. So we will just begin with the basics!

The 6th house showcases how we engage with the world on a routine level. It's the daily tasks we do that build to the bigger parts of our charts, (10th house for example) therefore our lives. The work environment that we thrive in as well as employees or co-workers. This is where we find our style of charity or acts of service. How we devote ourselves to something bigger than ourselves. This is also the wellness epicenter. Health really is the new wealth so we can look to the 6th house to see if we are prone to any particular ailments and how "wealthy" we really are. If you don't take care of the little self-care details like getting your teeth cleaned and/or watching your diet, they can become major issues that can be found in the 12th house later on down the road.

So what sign do you have in the 6th house? Any planets or points such as your north or south node? My Pisces Sun & Mercury live in the 6th so shining my light and using my voice to serve others in creative/spiritual ways is how I live out that house! Feel free to share below and learn from each other. ZODI Collective is truly a space and system to help you better understand yourself. We are all in this together!

Love always,

Ashley Bonelli