New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Friends, we have quite a week ahead of us.
The heavens are having a party and we are all invited to this cosmic soiree. The energy will feel swift/erratic/energized/confusing/contrasting/clarifying/exciting/anxious/restless/healing/releasing.

That's enough right? Yeah, it most certainly is.

Upping the celestial ante is the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening this Tuesday, July 2nd at 10 degrees of Cancer. This is a follow-up eclipse to the one we had back on January 5th at 15degrees of Capricorn. The story, whether you were consciously aware of it or not officially started back on July 12th of 2018, so think back to last year to see if anything shifted/exited/birthed in your world at that time. You can start to weave together a narrative from July 15th to January 5th to this week. What's your eclipse storyline? These eclipses are bouncing between the the cardinal (think initiation) signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer soothes and Capricorn achieves. Nature vs Nurture. Cancer is the mothering aspect of our ourselves and Capricorn is the deity of inner discipline. We may be lacking in one or both of those qualities and the eclipse is teaching us where those gaps need to be filled. We should feel secure in our foundations so what are you willing to do to put structures in place that allow for that container to be created? How do you take care of yourself and others? How are your instincts showing up? What about your precious intuition....? Do you listen to that soft whispering voice enough throughout your day? Contemplate on these questions or anything bubbling up to the surface of your mind this week so you can make the best of these changing times.

Venus moves into Cancer // July 3rd - 27th -
Joy. Joy. Joy. Lady values is moving into the soft shell of Cancer itself. This will act as a dollop of honey poured kindly into the astringent tea we will all be drinking. This Venus transit will make the more stressful areas of our lives more palatable. Here Venus is gentle, caring, protective and possesses so much old soul wisdom. Enjoy. Find your tribe and love them out loud.

Mars moves into Leo //July 1st - August 18th -
I'm also feeling pretty stellar about this Martian journey. The master of forward movement will be a lot more fiery all of a sudden thanks to his sojourn through the lions lair. It's time to shake out our manes and get a bit more playful. Passions will run high and people will be driven by their hearts. This is a beautiful time to connect with your creativity and seek joy even in the simplest of things. Everyday contains magic if you look for it.

Mercury Rx in Leo ----> Cancer // July 7th - July 31st -
Lastly, our saint of communications is going retro. This is actually a blessing in disguise. Yes, your phone may go bats and you'll probably get stuck in obnoxious traffic BUT the medicine found with Mercury is that we as humans need to slow down. We need to go within more. We need to listen to our inner voices. We need to not be in front of a screen. Constantly.

We need to rewind, review, reflect, renew, revitalize, refresh, reaffirm, reestablish......Just "RE" it up. Be mindful of anything you are saying YES to for the first time. The devil is in the details therefore read the fine print. This cosmic reminder will serve us well during the ebb and flow of the eclipses as well as our personal planets, Venus & Mars switching signs. July is the mid-year check-in point as well as the turning of the tides shifting us into the latter half of the year.

Let us ride the waves together.
Love always,

*Photo by Jason Lee Parry

Ashley Bonelli