New Moon in Leo

ZODISCOPE - Weekly Edition

Hi friends,
There is a shift in the overall focus this week. We've been plugging along (all of July) through the boggy swamps of our innermost feelings while running into old ghosts that spook us into praying for the future to come swiftly into grasp. July hasn't been easy. Mercury rewinding through Leo & Cancer forcing us to review the tender corners of our hearts and the ways we take pride in creating security for ourselves as well as those we love hasn't felt totally welcome. We also had 2 eclipses shaking things up for us as well. We've been suspended in time and even if you've been crazy busy you may not feel like you've made much progress. Weird times for sure in general but this has felt like one of those time capsule months where we get to hurry up and wait. Well this week we get a welcome reprieve as the planets make some beneficial changes.

Venus, the guru of all things love, has moved into Leo and will reside there until August 21st giving us a nice little stretch of time to indulge in this playful energy. Love will come directly from the lion's mouth allowing us to connect more deeply with joy that only comes from a place of purity. Think of the innocence we find when we let ourselves dive into the depths of creative abandon. Who doesn't want to swim in that bath of bliss forever? Leo's artful energy gives us space to embark on that pleasure. In that realm, where time doesn't matter, and there is no actual goal in sight, we find love. Love for ourselves and the beauty we are capable of creating. That recognition can give us the awareness therefore the ability to share it with others. Yet another Leo quality. Generosity is one of Leo's love drugs. Let's all get high on creative expression and heart-centered experiences shall we?

Mercury stations direct on Wednesday giving the slow but steady green light for our stalled communications/projects/goals to start marching forward once again. Mercury will continue to sojourn through Cancer until August 11th keeping us in the world of emotions but at least it won't feel so heavy. We can now move ahead with any insights or revelations gained during Mercury's reflection party. Revel in the wisdom gained and enjoy the new mental pacing that will start to gain speed over the coming weeks.

Lastly, the major highlight this week is the New Moon in Leo on Wednesday. The Sun and Moon will come together for their monthly embrace alongside Venus who will make a close conjunction (close-up aspect/relationship) to our beautiful luminaries. All 3 cosmic bodies will also be square (90 degree aspect/relationship) Uranus in Taurus. New Moons are times of renewal in the sense that we must let go to let in. What do you wish to invite more of in your life? We attract in energy. Constantly. We draw our tribe towards us. We are very powerful beings yet we need reminding on the regular. Myself included sometimes. So what you put out into the world you receive back in some way. New Moons are portals that we can align with for added benefit. Being that the two lights in the sky are going to be so close to love potion number 9, aka Venus, we must invoke our goals or plant our seeds if you like gardening references, from our fertile hearts. It's Leo season, so what lights up your inner child? What would bring you more joy? Don't think too hard because this should be answered quite simply. It's the first things that show up in your mind when you think about happiness, freedom, and play. Taking into account that this invitation for more goodness in our lives is square Uranus there could be some surprises that crop up this week. Expect the unexpected and you should be on point with any fresh insights/experiences/developments that come your way. Happy New Moon and may you find the space and beauty needed to fully express your heart in a way that not only serves your highest goals but brings a little extra magic to those around you.

Love always,

*Photo by Mario Testino

Ashley Bonelli