Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

ZODISCOPE - Weekly Edition

Hi friends,
How's your soul/heart/mind/life/essence/relationships/career/basically everything?
The heavens are in major flux right now and everyone is feeling the weight of the world in some form or fashion. Mercury is still retrograde causing oodles of miscommunications and all around snafus requiring us to slow down and revamp our approach. It can be super annoying but ultimately helpful. The current astrology is not an isolated event though. In the bigger picture it never is. Astrology is all about cycles and what we are experiencing right now all threads into the major aspects (planetary relationships) of 2020. We are in a major build-up phase that will be woven into many posts I write in the future. Life is a real cosmic trip and we are all being pushed to our edges in a plethora of ways depending on our individual charts. Just know that whatever you are experiencing you are not alone. The whole point of residing on this gorgeous rock is that we are here to evolve, find our similarities and embrace love in all it forms. Yet such "seemingly" simple things can feel almost impossible to accomplish. That is why here at ZODI HQ we strive to cultivate an inclusive, safe space where we can all revel in the mess of being spirits having human experiences together. Big hug if things have been rough in your world lately.🖤
Now onto the weekly lo-down.

The big cosmic news and really the star of the show this week is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 24 degrees. Full Moons bring about culmination in general so adding in the extremely potent eclipse energy just heightens the experience. Eclipses are fascinating events because they occur in the same 2 signs over the course of about 2 1/2 years that create themes that link up around every 18 years. See, threads of cycles & stories! This particular storyline has been in Cancer/Capricorn for the last year and a half and will continue throughout 2020. Cancer represents family, security, instinctual wisdom, how we nurture and need to be nurtured. Capricorn represents career, foundations, structures that we build our lives around/upon, and how we survive in a world filled with obligation and struggle. Where you have Cancer/Capricorn in your individual birth chart is being targeted right now and you are being asked to take both ends of the spectrum by letting go to let in. Eclipses force change in unexpected ways that can feel good and bad. I'm certainly not interested in creating astro fears though. Sometimes the "bad" experiences make room for the amazing to manifest. If you don't rip the band-aid off the universe will! Below are some questions to help stir the thought pot for you. Contemplate/meditate/journal these answers.

How do you take care of yourself when it feels like nobody else can?
Who makes you feel safe and who doesn't?
What traits do you still carry from your upbringing that need to go and which ones should you incorporate more of?
Do you trust your intuition/instincts?
What's your relationship like to power? Your own and others.
What feels rigid in your life?
Where do you need to place more boundaries in your life?
Do you have a good work/life balance and if not, what steps do you need to take to shift that imbalance?
How do you relate to your resources? Do you control them or do they control you?

Ruminate on these answers this week to help create a better connection with your very own innate wisdom.

Lastly, Mercury will reach its last portion of the retrograde in the sign of Cancer on July 19th and will reside there until August 11th. This will be the more emotionally driven part of the retrograde experience. The focus will go from external to internal. Your instincts will heighten around the subjects I just mentioned above even more when it comes to security/family/intuition. This review process is here for a reason so instead of fearing what you might find try to embrace any gifts and accept the shifts.

Have a beautiful & insightful week.
Love always,

*Photo by Mikkel Beiter

Ashley Bonelli