New Moon in Taurus


Dark Moon in Taurus + Venus trine Saturn

We are currently navigating the shadows as the Moon is making her disappearing act for the month. From now until June 3rd we are in the Dark Moon phase where it's best to go within ourselves for contemplation, introspection, and reflection. This phase is designed to prepare us for the New Moon on Monday when the light will slowly begin to return therefore prompting us to take action. This allows us to take the insights gained in the darkness and integrate them into our everyday lives. In deliciously sensual Taurus, this is a lovely Dark Moon under which to practice seriously delicious self-care. Indulge in decadent foods, take long baths, walk barefoot in the grass, drink your favorite teas, get massages, listen to soulful music, anoint your body in your favorite scents, burn incense, have sex, love and honor yourself. These practices will be extra potent while the Moon is in Taurus so enjoy!

Venus - also in Taurus - is trine Saturn in Capricorn right now as well. Trines are positive relationships which flow naturally so we don't even really have to do anything to receive the blessings. We often take for granted trines we have in our birth charts because we don't know anything but that type of ease! It's not until an astrologer points out where you seem to naturally benefit that you may realize your good fortune. Today however, is a trine for all of us and it will only last for a couple of days. Venus represents our values, attractions, money, and love. Saturn governs discipline, hard work, restrictions, and boundaries. When these two planets come together in a harmonious way we can utilize Saturn’s sage wisdom and apply it to the relationship we hold with ourselves and others. This is perfect energy to combine with the dark Moon because it takes discipline to properly care for ourselves. We often see eating unhealthy foods and 4 hours of scrolling on social media as being good to ourselves and yes, sometimes that is totally fun to do but it's not really true self-care. There is a difference between numbing out to escape something you've not fully dealt with or processed and taking considerate steps towards caring for your heart, mind, and soul. This trine can help you create stable boundaries around what you say yes and no to as well as designing a worthy container for growth. The better you take care of yourself the more you can successfully show up for others. Make an effort this weekend to tend to your own garden and see how that benefits not only yourself but those around you.

Love, Ash

*Photo by Tom Allen

Ashley Bonelli