Full Moon in Sagittarius

ZODISCOPE Weekly Edition

Hi Friends,

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces
This week features the 2nd direct conversation between the planet of expansion, Jupiter, and the planet of dissolution, Neptune. The first interaction occurred back on January 13th, so let your mind rewind in time and think about that week for clues/insights/omens/storylines that could have had their opening scene then. What was going on that week? If you are not sure, be on notice this week for experiences that could illuminate a theme that began back then. Jupiter square Neptune is dreaming without borders in a positive sense and without boundaries in a negative sense. The sky’s the limit when it comes to our dreams so allowing yourself to go to that sacred imaginal space is something we all deserve to bask in. Having no boundaries around how you go about achieving those dreams is a recipe for disappointment. Those inspiring thoughts require a container to grow in so without boundaries that means there’s no discipline being acted upon. Discipline is the healing balm to distraction. When we don’t want to do the work either because it seems way too hard or it’s flat out intimidating, committing to it in small, focused increments can bring fruitful gains. This isn’t Jupiter’s style however so if something has gotten a bit too inflated, this week will be your wake-up call to go back to basics and find some equilibrium again. Use this time to be open to the unlimited possibilities but be honest about how much you can actually bite off AND chew. The grand finale of this cosmic dance will be on September 21st giving us each the ending to our journey through the fields of mist.

Full Moon in Sagittarius
(Peaks during the night of the 16th/17th)
This jewel we see glimmering in the inky night sky is our beloved Full Moon in Sagittarius. This means the Sun over in Gemini is gazing upon the Moon’s ethereal face while residing in Sagittarius. This monthly eye gazing session brings light to certain subjects or areas of our lives where we have Sagittarius/Gemini in our charts. This is a really lovely and powerful lunation with Jupiter, the ruler of Sag in close proximity adding even more fiery energy to the landscape but as I mentioned above is also square to dreamy Neptune. This bright nightlight will highlight our hopes and dreams from a high vibe perspective or it will magnify the things that are distracting you from focusing on your goals. Depending on how this plays out in your individual chart as well as how you’ve been working on your grand visions will be revealed this week. Adding some assistance is the other aspect at play right now. Saturn will also be sextile (60 degree aspect/relationship) Neptune giving us the opportunity to turn around and address any missed steps or snip out any bad habits we’ve accumulated that could be blocking our future plans. Use this potent and enigmatic planetary energy wisely, responsibly, and with a dedicated heart. With Mercury and Mars conjoining in Cancer we may feel a bit blocked around how to verbally express those desires however. Mars likes charging ahead at zippy speeds which isn’t necessarily Cancer’s style so take your time and let the process come instinctively and organically and you may be surprised at how easily it flows!

Sun enters Cancer on the 21st
Our solar luminary moves into the crab’s shell for a month long stay until July 22nd. We’ve hit the middle of the year (already!!) and I always feel like Cancer season is a midpoint check-in regarding the goals we set back in December/January. We can nest up and go within ourselves for some much needed reflection around how we wish to proceed with the rest of our year. This will make for an interesting Cancer season however thanks to Mercury stationing retrograde and 2 eclipses giving us plenty to go full on retrospect over! More on that as July unfolds. Have an illuminating week!

Love, Ash

*Photo by Tim Walker

Ashley Bonelli