ZODISCHOOL the Fifth House

Greetings Collective!

Today I return to descriptions of the astrological houses with the Fifth House in the birth/natal chart. We have 12 houses making up the entirety of the wheel and each section represents different areas of our lives. Even if you don't have a planet in a particular house, it doesn't mean that you won't experience the subject matters that it represents. Where the planets fall in our charts does however shows a dominance of activity or focus.

The Fifth House is what I call the "Pleasure Principle" because it's where we find the things in life that bring us joy and happiness. It governs romance, flirting, and the early stages of love before it reaches the committed relationship stage (a Seventh House matter.) The sign ruling your Fifth House showcases your creative expression and how you can shine in the world (along with your Sun sign.) This slice of the chart also highlights children & play. This can represent literal children or it can embody your inner child. The play found here is the kind that you do with no intention of getting a result. It's for the enjoyment factor only. 

The element (Fire/Earth/Air/Water) and modality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable) of the sign ruling your Fifth House also gives you clues as to the energy style and overall vibe of how you express yourself romantically and creatively. For example, I have Aquarius in my Fifth House, so I enjoy creating a genuine friendship with any potential love interests who stimulate my mind, and I can be quite stubborn about that desire. Also, if you have any planets in the Fifth they will play a crucial role in how you experience the energy of the sign ruling that house. The planets each have their own strengths and weaknesses and those shift depending on the sign or "character" they are ruled by. 

So what do you have in your Fifth House? What's your creative expression like? How do you flirt? What's your inner child story? Thank you in advance for sharing with the collective!

Love always,

*Image of ZODI Map detail, Fifth House

Ashley Bonelli