Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio + Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn + Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn + Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn + Venus in Taurus conjoined Uranus in Taurus

As you can see from the list above the heavens are really talkative this weekend. All of these aspects are layers encompassing the wisdom of the Full Moon. The planets in dialogue right now are mainly made up of earth energy with some powerful scorpion water vibes blending together to make fertile mud. Full Moons are times of completion, reveals, and intuitive insights. The Sun showers the Moon with golden beams bringing to light information that usually remains hidden. This is for two reasons - The Moon remains tucked away from view in the inky skies until she begins to align with the Sun’s rays again, therefore holding emotions under the surface until they get unearthed via illumination. Secondly, this is a Full Moon in the most fiercely private sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, the master of secrecy. 

This could add some dynamic intensity to the overall atmosphere this weekend. It will be extremely easy to dive deeply into our souls and pull out some gems of honesty. The things we see or hear may come as a surprise thanks to that momentary snuggle session (conjunction) that Venus & Uranus are making in Taurus. Once we mentally process any new and/or shocking information that comes our way I feel that taking actions may look more like a side step than a direct motion due to Mars being in sensitive Cancer. This can ultimately be a fruitful approach as long as you clearly communicate your intentions. Otherwise people will be forced into the grey area of “assumptions” and nobody wants that fresh hell of constantly wondering what the other person is thinking. Listen, speak, and share. Repeat. 

I do get the sense though that many of us are being asked to purge something or someone in our lives. There is a major release occurring under this lunation and it’s ripe for releasing habits, beliefs, philosophies, or even people that keep you in a rigid mental space. Scorpio is meant to symbolize the phoenix rising from the ashes, so how does one do that here on earth in 2019? We take a discerning look at the things/people we say yes and no to. Why do we say either answer? What would shift if you started to alter the power dynamics by saying no to experiences that don’t ultimately feel good. Maybe they feel good in the moment but you are not getting substantial fulfillment out of them in the long run.

Creating boundaries is key for your spiritual, mental, and physical health. If we don’t know where the line is drawn then how will anyone else? Picture your life from different viewpoints and notice if your body contracts or expands. Notice your breath. For example, do you stop breathing when you think about an exchange you keep having with someone at work? Our body is our temple on this earth and it’s constantly giving us signals from our spirit but it’s up to us to notice and shift accordingly.

Wishing you a magical and illuminating Full Moon weekend. 
Love always,

Photo credit: Christina Emilie

Ashley Bonelli