New Moon in Aries

We have awoken to a pitch black sky of possibilities thanks to the fiery New Moon. During this lunar phase the Sun and the Moon make their monthly embrace, symbolizing the darkness required for our goals, dreams, and desires to first commence. Gemination/fertilization begins in hidden places, from the dirt of the earth to the wombs of our mothers. Under a New Moon we can offer up to the universe or whichever higher being/idea/energy you connect with, the things in life we want to attain or possibly release and create space for. 

This week has been murky and challenging as we've had to navigate the result of multiple planets being in close quarters to Neptune in Pisces. We are just wrapping up the post shadow phase of the Mercury Rx so things have probably felt a bit suspended in space. Now that we've reached the New Moon things can begin to shift towards more forward movement. The Aries season is usually ablaze with energy but this time around we have dealt with more starts and stops than usual. As we move through the weekend and into next week the pendulum will start to swing in the other direction. You might even begin to feel overwhelmed with energy and long for a swim in the Pisces pool once again. That's how energy in the universe works though, on its own terms. We just have to learn to be adept at engaging with it to our benefit. Gratitude to astrology for helping us do that.

One potential hitch in this New Moon glory show is that it's square (90 degree aspect/relationship) to Saturn. This doesn't have to be a negative though. Saturn wants us to work hard for what we want. There are no free passes and sweet doe eyes that are going to make Saturn bend his will. In fact, there are often challenges, detours, and/or restrictions when it comes to dealing with the ringed planet. Since this is a square aspect, that definitely means there is a challenge involved. We must think creatively and respectfully about what we want. Saturn is in Capricorn which means we will only achieve the wishes/goals/hopes we are planting at this time if we can honestly go about them with reverence/discipline/devotion. There are no half-hearted attempts allowed. So before you cast your dream seeds upon the soil make sure that what you are asking for is what you are willing to really care for. Take your goals seriously and they will return the favor. 

Wishing you all a beautiful Friday (Venus!) Day.
Love always,

Ashley Bonelli