ZODISCHOOL the Second House

In this post, I discuss the Second House of the zodiac chart. We all have a Second House but the sign that resides there (or “rules” it) depends upon one’s rising sign. The zodiac signs always follow the same order, Aries through Pisces, but you can have any one of those 12 signs at the beginning of your chart (your Ascendant/1st House). If your Ascendant is Capricorn, then it rules your First House, Aquarius will rule the Second, and so on through the Twelfth House, in this case, ruled by Sagittarius.

When reading a weekly or monthly horoscope, It is helpful to read the scope for your Rising Sign/Ascendant because it sets the structure for your natal chart (which Signs rule which Houses) and the content of horoscope columns is written as though each respective sign is the First House.

The horoscopes are based on the zodiac wheel and where planets are currently located in the heavens (in which signs). The houses then allow that current planetary pattern to be applied to our individual lives. So, reading the horoscope for the sign of your First House is key, and likely more applicable than reading for your Sun sign (unless your Sun sign rules your First House). Pretty magical!

The Second House is focused on practical matters such as money and tangible resources. It's where we discover our values pertaining to the material world. Our self-esteem and how we view ourselves in relationship to the things we own, also live in this House. Looking to the Second we can see how attached, or not, we are to the possessions we own. Do they own us? Or do we prefer to live a life that barely leaves a footprint? How capable are we of making money? Do we struggle or does it just flow toward us like breath moving into our lungs? How do we feel in our physical bodies? In the Second House we uncover how we feel about sensuality and how connected we are to the experience of our five senses. Opposite the Eigth house which rules sex, the Second illuminates how we derive pleasure during intimate physical acts. This is a fertile, solid house that grounds us to our earthly experiences. So look at your Second House to see what sign and planets you have influencing your chart. 


*Image of ZODI Map detail, Second House

Ashley Bonelli