ZODISCHOOL the Third House


Continuing the lessons on the houses by discussing the Third House of the natal (birth) chart today. We all have 12 houses in our birth charts. Each house - or pie slice - within the circle that you see when you look at your chart, represents a different area of your life. The Third House governs communication in all forms and is traditionally connected to Mercury, our verbal mascot. You can gather insights into how you process information, how you speak or write and what your elementary education was like. If you have planets living in the Third they can heavily influence your speaking style. For example, if you have Mars there, you may be direct and confrontational. If you have Uranus there, then you may have the tendency to speak with rebellious candor. To add another layer into this mix you can look to see what sign your Mercury lives in for more clues to your style of expressing. You might be be a Virgo in the 3rd house but your Mercury is in Aries. The Aries energy would add a blunt edge to your more humble and analytical Virgoan style. When it comes to astrology, there is always more than meets the eye!

Also found in the Third House is short journeys. Think of trips you can make within the day. This house shows us your quick getaway style and types of places you might be drawn to. It also rules transportation and commuting. So when you have a transit (a temporary planet passing by) to this house, it could be a time when you take a trip or embark on some sort of adventure. Our siblings and neighbors are also represented in the Third House, and one can see their relationship to their siblings here, especially if natal planets reside there. For example, maybe you have Venus there and she represents the sibling that always seemed like your parent's favorite. The planets can literally symbolize your brothers or sisters. These planets also give us clues to the type of neighborhood you prefer to live in, as well as the neighbors who live there.

The Third House is an interesting place in the chart because you are able to gather such a unique array of information about your life. 

Happy ZODI exploring!



*Image of ZODI Map detail, Third House

Ashley Bonelli