Full Moon in Virgo


Oh the tangled webs we weave. This Full Moon is about completion. Complexity. Culmination. Contemplation. Often times people assume a Full Moon is an isolated event. Lady luna taking center stage with all her grace and beauty, dazzling us with romance throughout the night. That's a sweet idea and at times that charm can bewitch us but in all honesty every Full Moon is extremely different each month. Not only are there different signs involved but the other planets are busy having their own relationships, therefore diversified expressions being held and felt by us human spirits. 

I'm feeling a bit macabre so we are going to journey through a dark tunnel to find the light today. This current Full Moon is ultimately about death. Something in your life is wrapping up. There is the sloughing off of an area of life you once knew. The Moon is in Virgo, the humble servant and the Sun just entered Pisces yesterday, the selfless servant. These two signs sit opposite one another and are both fueled by the desire to help others yet in radically different ways. Virgo helps in earthy practical ways. Pisces helps by taking on your pain in such a visceral way you can't help but feel seen by them. In both signs we find skilled sacrificial lambs. They both surrender to the need to be needed. Now, whether you have planets or points in either of these signs or not, you do have 2 areas of your chart where these signs live and breathe. We all give ourselves over to someone or something at various times in our lives. There is nothing wrong with being loyal and/or dependable but when we drain our own blood for the life of another you have to stop wonder how long it will take before you're mentally, spiritually, and/or emotionally 6ft under. We carry our sacrifices in our bones. Our cells are rife with the splinters of past traumas. Organs filled with shame, guilt, and heartbreak. Our entire being is hardwired to store the lives we've lived. It is up to each of us to stand accountable for that which we allow to enter into our hearts and minds. 

This Moon is about breaking a cycle. How often do you hear people complaining about the same thing for years on end yet they don't actually make a change? We can be addicted to the very things we hate. Addiction isn't just about pleasure. Your obsessions teach you your lessons. - I'm weaving this story for you by pulling threads from multiple bits of cosmic data. This isn't just about the Full Moon even though she does have a starring role. Pisces as a sign is about letting go, so we will do just that. With Mercury about to station retro in a couple weeks, also in Pisces. Chiron just leaving Pisces yesterday to head into Aries. Uranus about to shift into Taurus on March 6th. There's a lot of commotion coming and going right now. Pisces represents the end of the zodiac, the death of a cycle. With certain planets ending their stay in Pisces and the movement from or into Aries and Taurus shows that in some major ways we are at the beginning of a whole new Zeitgeist in general. Collectively the world is massively changing, therefore so are we in our individual bubbles of life. 

Let's take into consideration the other planetary aspects (relationships) occurring at the same exact time as the Full Moon. We can't leave out the other members of the story. Venus and Saturn are still embracing each other in an act of measured goal stalking that will bring about happiness in the future or some area of your life is being choked or denied. These revelations around your ability to establish healthy boundaries will intertwine with either mature growth or disappointing consequences. Mercury, who is about to go full on bats retro is currently right next to Neptune allowing us to either get lost in the tide and miss the whole point that I've been talking about or you can use it to tap into your own inner strength and wisdom. Lastly, the zinger of them all is that this Full Moon is making a trine (120 degree aspect/relationship) to the now (thankfully) separating Mars/Uranus conjunction. That itchy sweater on a boiling hot day of a transit has not been easy for most of us and even though it's also ending we can still feel the prickles. Fortunately, this is a trine aspect so it's thought to bestow some positivity. Instead of letting the frustrations, aggravations, and dirt in our eyes, ruin the lessons of this Full Moon, you can channel that Mars/Uranus vibe for ingenuity, independence, and the sweet release from the long-held shackles we often place upon our own ankles.

Just allow yourself to be the master of your own destiny by simply making better choices. You can be in service to yourself and the world. It's about balance, honesty, and clear communication. Wishing you an open, absorbing, and passionately curious mind under this ever important Full Moon. 

Love always,


Ashley Bonelli