The ZODI Astrology Map
ZODI Astrology Deck and Map
ZODI Astrology Deck and Map

The ZODI Map

The Perfect Foundation for Exploration

Bring astrology charts to life!

Our companion ZODI Map is the perfect foundation upon which to explore your ZODI Deck. It features the horoscope, or zodiac chart, the basis for modern Western astrology. Layout your natal chart, transit charts, and synastry (compatibility) charts with ease and experience them in a completely new way.

At 24”w x24”h and 1/8” thickness, this soft rubber mat with fabric surface allows you plenty of room to ZODI and fits on most tabletops. Allow for minor off-gassing upon delivery. Smooth it flat and keep rolled to prevent creasing.

Product details:

  • Soft, smooth fabric surface protects cards

  • Textured natural rubber backing gives reliable non-skid traction

  • Smooth cloth surface enables ease of movement of the cards

  • Printed to last: Dye sublimation printing provides a permanent image

  • The ZODI Map can be rolled or folded without permanent creasing

  • Machine washable

The ZODI Map is the perfect companion to the ZODI Deck for casting all sorts of astro charts! (Deck sold separately or together in the ZODI Bundle.)

Know your stars.
Know yourself.