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The Rising Sun


The Sun and Ascendant (or Rising sign) are perhaps the central aspects of your personality, your life path, and the way others perceive you. The Sun reflects your ego and identity while the Ascendant is the first impression you make and the public face you project to the world, intentionally or otherwise. Draw the descriptive key word cards for both the Ascendant and the sign of your Ascendant. Add them to your Sun and Sun sign cards. In the example above for David Bowie, with an Aquarius Ascendant, the key word card for the Ascendant and for Aquarius, are added to the three cards pertaining to his Sun in Capricorn.

What do you notice about your cards? Do you recognize anything in yourself, or that you have heard others say about how they perceive you? What about the elemental nature and modality of the signs? Are they similar? Complimentary? Different? Conflicting?

The sign of your Ascendant holds a special role in your unique astrology. It sets the order of the signs through the 12 houses in your natal chart and as a result, is considered to rule your chart. How do you experience the influence of this sign in your life and yourself? How do the signs of your Sun and Ascendant relate with one another elementally or by modality? What impact might their relationship have in the expression of your inner and outer Self?