ZODI Philosophy

At ZODI Collective, our aim is to inspire self-discovery through the magical lens of astrology and our new creations - the ZODI Deck and Map.

Astrology is an ancient study of the movements of the celestial bodies in the solar system applied to human life experience. It’s a powerful tool for self-reflection and learning, and a complex system through which we may explore ourselves, our relationships and how we connect to the world around us. Enriching our self-understanding in this way can make deeper connections with others possible, and through these insights, each of us can bring our own unique brand of positive change to the world.

The ZODI system brings astro beginners a tactile and tangible way to more deeply learn the complex system of this star theory. Hobbyists and seasoned practitioners alike, will experience the layers of astrology in a brand-new way.

ZODI translates astro’s two-dimensional, abstract symbols into the realm of the senses through images, color, artful cards and a smooth, luxurious astrological tabletop chart map.

Dive in. Be inspired.

Astrological Celestial map of Northern Hemisphere Horoscope on January 1, 2019. Detailed outline chart with symbols and signs of Zodiac, planets, asteroids, etc. by MysticaLink.

Astrological Celestial map of Northern Hemisphere Horoscope on January 1, 2019. Detailed outline chart with symbols and signs of Zodiac, planets, asteroids, etc. by MysticaLink.

About Us


Zodi Kay

Hello, Kim (aka Zodi Kay in the Collective universe) here. In my primary vocation, I deeply enjoy offering psychodynamic psychotherapy to clients in my Seattle-based private practice. My 20+ years practicing psychotherapy have shown me what’s possible when we learn to hear and listen to the authentic voice within. This is a lifelong, not always easy, endeavor - inevitably involving loss. Ultimately though, it leads us to freer and more meaningful lives.

The ZODI Collective was born of my longtime fondness for astrology. Of particular interest to me, is the way this star theory provides an intriguing, archetypal lens through which to see that inner self and develop a deeper understanding of our relationships and ourselves.

I enjoy a foundational knowledge of astrology, but have felt its abstractness is a possible barrier to discovering the insights and gifts a deeper understanding of its system can bring. My aim was to bring the abstract alive through images and color in a tangible form: a deck of cards, able to be held in one’s hands. Partnering with Ash has brought a wonderful alchemy through which to bring alive the look, feel and voice of ZODI.

As astrology is not something I use in my professional role, the ZODI project has allowed me to take this beloved hobby to new heights. Creating a tangible, interactive way to explore ourselves through astrology with Ash has been a rewarding labor of love. I look forward to seeing where ZODI will take us in the years to come.


Ash Bonelli

Hi there, Ash here. I’ve been in the field of creative healing for 15 years. During this time, I’ve worn many hats: massage therapist, yoga teacher, master esthetician; allowing me to gain many valuable and diverse skills. I have been a photographer for over a decade, and a student of astrology since I was a child. In 2015, I decided to get serious about my astro studies and took two years of dedicated training with Adam Elenbaas at the Nightlight Astrology School. My experience there brought my astrological understanding to the next level.

The ZODI Collective project has allowed me to marry two of my favorite interests, astrology and photography, into one beautiful product!

I created the look and voice of ZODI through the photographic images on the cards and the astrological content for much of the companion guidebook and ZODI Map. Bringing my passions together in this way has been the best artistic experience of my life. I see both astrology and photography as expressions of a language able to bridge the gap between us and the universe in a grounding, empowering way and, as a result, bring healing to the world.

As resident astrologer for the ZODI Collective, I write near-daily astrological insights, ZODISCOPES, for our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Writing on astrology is a passion, and my work has been featured in the mystical The Numinous magazine and the beautiful, seasonal publication CosmoMuse. I offer astrology consultations remotely, and in person, from my Seattle-based private practice.

I hope the ZODI journey ahead helps bridge the gap between the universe and all of us in a way that is grounding as well as empowering. We each possess light but it's up to us to honor and share it with the world.

How We Met

Ash and I met, several years ago, at a dream workshop led by Jungian analyst and astrologer, Sherene Vismaya, and wellness/life guide and astrologer, Stephanie Gailing. We quickly recognized a connection in our approach to life, and became fast friends. Ash’s studies in astrology inspired my own hobby fascination and we began enjoying exploration of the world through an astro lens together. While at dinner in the autumn of 2017, I realized Ash would be a perfect partner in creating ZODI, and we began our working relationship then and there.

ZODI Consultations

As a practicing astrologer in Seattle, Ash offers consultations using the ZODI Deck and Map. Enrich your self-awareness with a 60-minute session!

Spend time exploring your natal chart, a snapshot of the heavens at your exact moment of your birth. You can touch on the different aspects of your chart, the planets and chart points for example, to deepen your understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and habits. There are many treasures to be found in your natal chart. During your session, she will help you apply those insights to your everyday life.

Learn what themes are in store in the year ahead—potentially helpful when making major decisions regarding wellness, career and relationships. This is a dialogue-rich experience; to achieve the best possible outcome, it's ideal to openly share yourself—all strictly confidential and within your comfort zone. Through collaboration, you can walk away feeling seen, heard and even wiser.

All sessions are recorded and sent to you after your session for further reflection and insights.
Each hour-long session is $150 - Cash or credit card payments accepted.

*Birth date, time and location are required for all sessions.

Know your stars.
Know yourself.