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The Big Three


The Sun, Ascendant and Moon are considered to encompass the primary aspects of one’s Self: the inner essence or life path (the Sun), the outer impression (the Ascendant), and the emotional, intimate realm of one’s personality (the Moon). Your Moon sign reflects your emotional Self, how you feel nurtured, safe and secure, as well as how you nurture others. Draw your Moon card and the key word card for its sign. Add them to the Sun, Ascendant and corresponding sign key word cards. In the example above for David Bowie’s Leo Moon, the Moon in Leo card is drawn and both the key word card for the Moon and for Leo are added to the five cards pertaining to the Sun and Ascendant.

Think about this combination of cards as an energetic mix of your core Self. What do you notice about the signs, elements and modalities in your cards? How might they relate to one another? How do the descriptions resonate? How do they not?