The ZODI Deck & Guidebook

The ZODI Deck & Guidebook


Bring your astrology to life in a tangible, interactive format! Study details and dynamics in your natal chart. Explore themes and energies to come in transit charts. Discover relationship potentiality, strengths and challenges through synastry excercises. ZODI brings the abstract nature of astrology into a visual, tactile, and spatial format that appeals to our senses and makes integrating the gifts a deeper understanding of astrology offers natural and easy.

The ZODI Deck is astrology in 154 artful cards: 3 General Information cards, 31 Key Word descriptive cards and 120 Planets in Signs cards (each of the 10 planets - including the Sun and Moon, represented in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.)

The Deck is accompanied by our 220-page ZODI Guidebook which contains inspiration for how to use your deck as well as more information about the components of astrology. The ZODI Deck and Guidebook is at its best when used with the ZODI Map, sold separately or in the ZODI Bundle.

Product description:

  • Cards are 3.5”x5”, and 400 gsm card stock for durability

  • A smooth matte finish allows ease of use and increased durability

  • Guidebook is 220 pages in paperback, 5.5”w x 7”h

Take your experience to the next level with the ZODI Map (shown here,) sold separately.

*The Uranus cards in our deck feature the artwork, Changes One, by the amazing Troy Gua. We immediately felt his rendition of hero and guardian angel, David Bowie, captured the genius and catalytic energy of this lightning bolt planet. We are honored and beyond grateful to feature it in our deck!

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