Don't know your Astro Details?

No worries!
Enter your birth information into the calculator below to view your free chart. To use the ZODI system to its fullest extent, you will need to know the details of your natal (birth) chart.

Chart Calculation

An accurate natal chart requires not only the date, but also the time and location of your birth. Having an exact time enables you to identify the correct signs of your Moon and Ascendant, as well as the rulership (sign) of each of the 12 houses in your chart. The Moon changes signs approximately every 2.5 days, and the Ascendant every two hours. So knowing your birth time within an hour or two, if not exactly, allows you to make a fairly reliable assumption about the sign of your Moon and Ascendant. The sign of the Ascendant (Rising sign) sets the order of the signs in the houses of the birth chart, and is therefore necessary to place your planets in their respective houses in your chart.

The best place to find your birth time is a birth certificate. Absent that, a relative may be able to offer a close proximity. You may also find a web search of “chart rectification” interesting.

It is absolutely possible to explore astrology ZODI-style without an exact birth time. Though you will not know the sign of your Ascendant (Rising sign), the signs of your chart houses, and possibly the correct sign of your Moon, you’ll be able to explore the planets in their signs and the relationships between them by setting noon or sunrise as the time of birth.


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