What is ZODI?

The name ZODI (pronounced “zoe-dee”) is short for zodiac. The zodiac is an imaginary band in the heavens centered on the ecliptic that encompasses the apparent paths of all the planets in our solar system, divided into 12 signs/constellations. In Western astrology, it is the basis of the natal (or birth) chart. The word “zodi” also refers to a unit of interplanetary dust in the inner solar system.

At ZODI Collective, we bring astrology into an entirely new, tangible and interactive format with our ZODI Deck: your astrology in 154 artful cards. In short, ZODI is a system of learning and/or experiencing astrology in a tangible, kinesthetic way. It is not the Tarot, or an Oracle Card Deck. Those inspire intuitive discovery of self and what may be transpiring in one’s life, but they have their own systems, not in the structure of astrology. ZODI is a way to work with the components of astrology: the planets, chart points, signs, elements, modalities, aspects, houses and the zodiac chart wheel; using cards (the ZODI Deck) and a mat (the ZODI Map.)

Our 220-page ZODI Guidebook accompanies the Deck, with descriptive information about the components of astrology as well as the ten planets and two major chart points in each of the 12 zodiac signs.

The components of the ZODI Deck and of astrology, as depicted in the ZODI Collection:
120 cards are the Planets through the Signs: There are 12 Sun cards, all featuring the same photograph for the Sun, but in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Planets & Rulers: archetypal images, characters, so to speak, meant to evoke and inspire a sort of narrative and felt understanding of their energies and influences. Signs are depicted by four elemental colors: orange for Fire; green for Earth; pink for Air and blue for Water. They are further divided by modality hue: the most intense hue for Cardinal; a mid-range hue for Fixed and the palest hue for Mutable. Additionally, each card features the glyphs for the planet and sign, as well as a title, ex: “Mars in Aries.”

3 cards contain general information about ZODI, the Deck and our approach to astrology.

4 cards describe significant astrological points: Ascendant, Midheaven and the Lunar Nodes (North and South.)

The remaining 27 cards contain key words for the 12 zodiac signs, 10 planets and five Ptolemic aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile.)

Visit The Collection for more information.

ZODI’s mission is to inspire self-discovery and stoke the magic of finding one’s place in the larger order of this universe. We believe that understanding ourselves in the context of greater humanity and being awake to the majesty of this natural world has the power to create bridges between even the most disparate ideologies.

The Universe is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be. Our contemplations of the cosmos stir us. There’s a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation as if a distant memory of falling from a great height. We know we are approaching the grandest of mysteries.

The cosmos is within us.
We are made of star stuff.
— Carl Sagan

What do the images on the cards represent?

The original photographic images in the deck, created by Ash, represent a contemporary interpretation of the astrological ruler of each planet. The images on the cards represent the planets and rulers in astrology. We created the images with a goal of making the Roman Gods of traditional astrology more relatable in this modern era.

Rather than warrior, for example, our Mars is the explorer. Our Venus is not a maiden, but a beautiful man with a gorgeous peony bloom - beauty in more than the female, human form. Rather than masculine power in human form, paternal Jupiter is represented by the majesty and intuitive powers of the horse.

What is the artwork featured on the Uranus cards?

The 12 Uranus cards in our deck feature the artwork Changes One, by Contemporary Pop Conceptualist Troy Gua. When envisioning the image for this card series, we immediately thought of his captivating rendition of the ever-innovative David Bowie. We are honored and beyond grateful to feature it in our deck!

Who is ZODI for?

ZODI is for anyone curious to discover more about themselves, others and the relationships between. Whether you're an astro beginner or seasoned professional, aged preteen and up, ZODI will bring astrology to life in a new way.

I don’t know much more about astrology than my weekly horoscope.
Is ZODI for me? Do I need a professional astrologer to explain it to me?

ZODI is relatable whether you’re a complete astro novice or sage professional. No matter what your level of knowledge, ZODI has much to offer! All you need is your astrological birth chart. If you don’t have it, no worries! Visit the free chart calculator on our Your Astro Data page.

I’m a seasoned astrologer. Will ZODI have something to offer me?

We hope so! ZODI may reveal detail you hadn’t seen before or bring an aspect of a client’s chart into a new light. You may also find it a dynamic companion in your readings with clients - a new tool for interactive exploration. Perhaps you’ll find something we haven’t even thought of yet. We’d love to hear about your ZODI experience.

I like Science. I’m not into fortune telling or magic.
Why should I be interested in ZODI?

To us, astrology lives in the realm of philosophy and theory. Just as the expansive field of psychology is in many ways more theoretical, more anecdotal than “hard science,” astrology can be an incredibly interesting lens through which to explore human nature and relationships. We believe astrology doesn’t dictate who or what we are. Instead, it may illuminate aspects of ourselves that resonate with an inner understanding or what we intuitively know to be true.

If you approach it in this way, you may just find you enjoy the experience. Being interested in astrology, or any other philosophy or system of thought, is completely optional. We do consider curiosity a virtue, and we applaud yours.
Thanks for checking out our site!

Is ZODI a game? How do I use it?

Yes and no.  ZODI isn’t a game in the way games may have a set of specific rules, a competitive element, and winners/losers. It is a game in that it’s a fun way of exploring - playing with - aspects of human nature and relationships; one that can be enjoyed with others as a group activity. Exploring group relationships, individual roles and contributions, similarities and differences is illuminating and fun with ZODI.

In our guidebook, we offer suggestions and tips on ways to use your ZODI Deck. We welcome you to find your own favorite ways to play as well. Drop us a line. We’d love to hear about how you ZODI!

What do I need to get started?

To best use the ZODI Deck and Map, you will need to know the details of your natal chart.
Visit the free chart calculator here to discover which signs rule each of your planets and your Ascendant, and where (in which houses) they live in your chart.

An accurate natal chart requires not only your date of birth, but also the exact time and location of your birth. Having an exact time (to the minute, if possible) enables you to identify the correct signs of your Moon and Ascendant, as well as the rulership (or sign) of the 12 houses in your chart, which will enable you to place your planets in their respective houses. The best place to find this info is your birth certificate or by asking a parent.

Don’t have your exact birth details? That’s okay. You can still enjoy exploring astrology with ZODI. You will not know the sign of your Ascendant (or Rising sign) and possibly the correct sign of your Moon, but you’ll be able to explore your planets in their signs, without using the birth chart wheel.

How do I get a ZODI Deck? Is there a store somewhere I can buy one?

At this time, we are your sole source for ZODI products.

You may purchase all ZODI products here on our website, or in person with us at events. Information about upcoming events.

How long before I receive my ZODI order?

Domestic orders will arrive within 7-14 days of your order, unless you are notified otherwise. Once your order is placed, we will begin the fulfillment process. Once it has shipped, you will receive an email - with tracking information and estimated arrival date.

Have questions about shipping or returns?

Visit our Shipping & Returns page.

Have questions about the privacy of your information on this website?

Head on over to our Terms & Conditions page for information about how we keep your information private.

Can I sell ZODI goods in my shop?

Not presently. We are currently offering ZODI products solely here, or in person at events. For future opportunities, please contact us.

Can I use images of ZODI products on social media?

Yes! Please feel free to share. When you do, please mention us in any posts: @zodicollective or #zodicollective so we can stay connected and check out your creations. Thank you for being part of the Collective!

Can I use images of ZODI products on my website?

Yes, but cite the images with the corresponding product name and a clear link to www.zodicollective.com where they appear on your site.  If the cards appear throughout your site (in a website banner or site background, for example), credit the images in your website footer (i.e., "Card images courtesy of ZODI Collective"), linking to our website.

Anything we’ve missed?

If so, get in touch. We’d be happy to help!