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Know your stars. Know yourself.

Know your stars. Know yourself.

The ZODI® Collective is a women-owned, Seattle-based venture inspiring knowledge of self and relationship through the kaleidoscope lens of astrology. Welcome to the Collective. Bring your curiosity and check out the brand new - ZODI - way to explore the insights astrology has to offer!

The ZODI Collection brings the symbols and building blocks of astrology alive through photographic images and color in a deck of 154 artful cards and companion astrological chart map.

It brings astro beginners a multi-sensory way of learning this complex, abstract star system. It offers seasoned professionals a new dimension through which to experience their work with clients.

Through ZODI, patterns emerge and layers of meaning are brought into view!

Astrology is visual, tactile and highly relational with ZODI.

Our inspiration in creating ZODI was to offer a new way of experiencing the largely abstract, two-dimensional system of symbols and formulas of traditional astrology. Our aim is to bring it into the realm of the five senses through images, color, cards and smooth table top mat.

Transcend the traditional one-on-one, two-dimensional experience of astrology with ZODI. Hold it in your hands or move it around on the ZODI Map. Now it’s a kinesthetic experience! Share it with friends at a dinner party, explore it with your partner on a weekend away or even bring it to work for team-building experiences. ZODI brings astrology into real life relationships. It's now a group activity!

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Know your stars.
Know yourself.